Workshops – Brazilian Melodic Identity and Transformation


Mário de Andrade documented Brazlian folkloric melodies in the years 1936 to 1938 with the hope that future composers would use them as inspiration to create new music. Heloísa Fernandes has fulfilled his wish, selecting a group of the melodies to be the spirits of new works. Their transformation is surprising because they are not imitations of old sounds, but rather are thoroughly new, modern compositions. In her workshop, she introduces Andrade’s work, plays many of the source melodies, and demonstrates their relationship to her new compositions



Individual lessons


Working with classical music, Brazilian music, jazz, and improvisation, Heloisa’s teaching reflects all of her influences. Though she develops a path of study for each student, there are common themes for all: the relationships of music and body, breath and silence, technique and touch, imagination and sensibility.